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Zambian Tech Startup Wins Global Recognition

Zambia is once again succeeding abroad. Bosso, a construction tech firm, traveled to Cape Town to present at Africa Arena, where they won Saint Gobain’s highest prize, which honors deserving startups in the continent’s construction industry.

Bosso was established in June 2022 with the goal of improving the construction sector. to make housing construction and supplying hardware stores simpler, quicker, and more affordable. Bosso strives to keep the cost of building materials as cheap as possible, so stop comparison shopping.

In a few months, when we look back on Bosso’s development, 2022 will stand out as the year that the company truly became a major player in the tech and construction industries. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Bosso, which entered the market six months ago, won this year’s Saint-Gobain competition.

At the 6th annual AFRICARENA Summit held in Cape Town, South Africa, two weeks ago, Saint Gobain, a global leader in the manufacturing of building materials, awarded the prize to Bosso CEO Chisepo Chirwa and CFO Salwa Shamapande.

Bosso’s efforts to date to repair the broken building material supply chain may be more significant than the accolades the prize gives. More than 400 hardware businesses in Lusaka alone now have access to economical, dependable sourcing and shipping of building goods because to Bosso’s swift expansion over the past six months. The company last month announced a new collaboration with Solid Green Investments that will result in the development of 100 affordable housing units in the New Kasama neighborhood of Lusaka, with a total estimated value of over 100 million Kwacha.

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