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ZNS Is Working On Chibombo’s Roads

110 kilometers of vital feeder roads in the Katuba Constituency of the Chibombo District are currently being rehabilitated by the Zambia National Service and the Chibombo Council Engineering Department at a cost of 5.5 million Kwacha.

Funding for the renovation is coming from the CDF for 2022 constituencies.

According to MWABASHIKE NKULUKUSA, a member of parliament from Katuba, the work is being done to make sure that feeder roads are opened up so that farmers can transport their produce.

According to Mr. NKULUKUSA, the construction will allow private investors who depend on a good road system to establish enterprises access to the constituency.

Precem Road, Chombela -15 Miles Road, Kayosha – Namununga Road, and Muchenje – Malichashi Road are a some of the important roads mentioned by the Katuba MP as being under construction.

Additionally, Katuba Ward Councillor CHITAMBIRA SIBANDA claims that the rehabilitating of the roads in his ward will facilitate easier traffic flow.

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