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My Brother’s Keeper: Fakazile (Zola Nombona) falls pregnant with Nqubeko’s child

It is really going down for Fakazile on My Brother’s Keeper.

She took a pregnancy test and it was positive. She’s expecting Nqubeko’s child, at least that’s what she thinks. Nqubeko is the brother of her late first and second husbands, Khwezi and Thuthuka.

She started having an affair with the married Nqubeko after Khwezi died. She was then forced by his family to marry Thuthuka, who was accidentally killed by Nqubeko a few weeks later.

Zola Nombona

She then ended things with Nqubeko but it seems it was too late as he had already planted his seed in her. It’s a total mess. The sad part is that Nqubeko and his wife Nomusa have been desperate to have a child. They even tried in vitro fertilisation (IVF) as she’s been struggling to fall pregnant, but it didn’t work. It’s going to rip her heart apart to find out he’s impregnated Fakazile and that they could have been pregnant at the same time.

The Shabalalas want Fakazile to mourn Thuthuka by wearing black. These are the same people who didn’t allow her to mourn Khwezi, who was her first true love. This was just because they wanted to ensure they merge her successful business with their struggling one.

Zola Nombona

Mshengu, the brothers’ dad, is controlling. Knowing him, he might force Fakazile to marry Nqubeko. This would make him the third brother she’d be marrying. Unlike with Thuthuka, whom she didn’t find attractive, Fakazile actually wouldn’t mind being Nqubeko’s second wife.

I salute Donga, Mshegu’s firstborn child, for always sticking to his guns and not kissing his dad’s ass. He tells like it is and isn’t afraid to start from scratch. Although he’s struggling financially, he’s not waiting for handouts from the family businesses. If only his wife could stop nagging and support him in his plans to stand on his own feet.


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