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ZTA Expects 1.5 million Visitors By 2023

According to the Zambia Tourism Agency (ZTA), its marketing strategy would bring in 1.5 million tourists from outside in 2023.

The abolition of customs duties on goods and services imported into the tourism sector, according to ZTA Acting Chief Executive Officer CHAVUNGA LUNGU, will help revitalize tourism-related firms and attract additional participants to the industry.

According to Mr. LUNGU, the reduction of customs charge was done to encourage expansion of the tourism industry.

Mr. LUNGU claimed in an interview with ZNBC that the project will assist in attracting more players to the tourism industry and ease their company operations following the effects of COVID-19.

According to him, the ZTA plans to advertise the untapped non-traditional markets and increase the size of its digital marketing platform by more than 10%.

Mr. LUNGU added that the expansion of travel to certain nations without a visa will help the tourism sector as well.

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