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Zuma’s new demonic tattoos Leaves twitter Confused

Zuma has people talking about his new tattoos. Tatting your body is not a new thing, especially among celebrities; most times these tattoos signify something special and important to them. However, the ex-Amaroto member caused a stir due to his choice of tattoos, which people have labeled demonic.

Zuma’s new demonic

“So Zuma Msholozo from Amaroto, got a tattoo of a Demon on his arm, above the “illuminati eye in a triangle” and the TikTok comments are dusting me,” a tweep wrote.

Source: News365

In other news – Natasha Thahane slams those questioning her weight loss after giving birth

Ya’ll need to stop commenting nge weight yami! I am breastfeeding. I will gain my weight back eventually,” she captioned her post.

Natasha Thahane

South African actress Natasha Thahane is tired of answering questions about her weight loss. Taking to her Instagram timeline she said she looked the way she did because she was nursing. Learn more

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