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1-year-old infant is electrocuted and dies

A 1-year-old youngster who was allegedly electrocuted while tinkering with an electrical outlet in a spare bedroom of the home has regrettably passed away.

Lazarus Silwimba, 28, and Hope Silwimba, his mother, are thought to have been eating lunch in the living room when Courage Silwimba is said to have crept there.

The toddler’s sudden silence then woke the couple awake, and they immediately went in search of him. They discovered him comatose, and they hurried him to the hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

David Chileshe, the police commissioner for the Central Province, informed Mwebantu of the tragic news.

Since then, police have noted a case of a sudden and unexpected death.

“A one-year-four months old baby boy identified as Courage Silwimba died after he was suspected to have been electrocuted from a spare bedroom he was playing from, where an electrical socket was hanging whilst connected to a live power source. The baby was reported to have crawled to the room while its parents were in the sitting room having their lunch. They were alerted by a sudden silence that came in the room from where the boy was,” he said.

Mr Chileshe said when the parents rushed there, they found the toddler unconscious and rushed him to Mkushi District Hospital where he was confirmed dead on arrival.

“Later the body of the deceased was inspected at the hospital by police and found no physical injuries. The body has since been deposited into Mkushi District Hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem. Police visited the scene of the incident, and no foul play was suspected,” he said.

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