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10 traffic cops returned to their regular duty

Because they disobeyed orders to not set up unlawful snap traffic checks on public roadways, TEN police officers from the Traffic Department have been transferred back to general duty.

Lemmy Kajoba, the Inspector General of Police, recently ordered the officers not to set up unnecessary checkpoints, but they ignored his advice.

Danny Mwale, a police deputy spokesperson, stated that the institutional stance on the subject of sudden traffic stops is still in effect.

Any officer found to be lacking, he claimed, would face appropriate punishment.

“Recently, the Inspector General of Police warned of stern action against Police officers who mount unauthorised snap traffic checkpoints on public roads and in compounds,” he said.

All snap traffic checks, according to Mr. Mwale, should be set up with permission from the provincial police commissioners.

He added that cops should make sure the check sites are planned and organized appropriately to avoid causing the general traveling public any hardship.

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