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13 kids will have heart surgery in Israel.

This month, Save a Child’s Heart Hospital will send thirteen kids to Israel for life-saving heart surgery.

This is in accordance with the updated Memorandum of Understanding between the health institution and the Zambian Ministry of Health, according to Save A Child Heart Executive Director SIMON FISHER.

According to Mr. FISHER, the MoU would allow Israeli medical professionals to treat newborn children who have cardiac issues and will also allow them to train additional Zambian health professionals.

On the other hand, he claims that an Israeli organization has already begun training a group of Zambian medical professionals who will be required to perform paediatric cardiac cases when they return to Zambia the following year.

This was stated by Mr. FISHER during an Israeli interview with ZNBC News.

And Dr. MUDANISO ZIWA, one of the Zambian medical professionals receiving heart surgery training in Israel, told ZNBC that he is convinced that Zambia would be able to perform pediatric heart operations and become a medical authority in the area thanks to the newfound knowledge.

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