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Due to maternity complications, 10–15 women die every week

In Zambia, issues related to maternal health cause 10 to 15 women’s deaths every week.

SYLVIA MASEBO, the health minister, claims that this is primarily because clinics, especially those in remote regions, lack maternal amenities.

According to Ms. MASEBO, the ministry is attempting to resolve the issue in accordance with President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA’s direction that hospitals and clinics be extended to provide essential maternal services.

The Ministry of Health has received one billion Kwacha for the completion of the structures, Ms. MASEBO stated during a year-end media conference.

She disclosed that the government will hire an additional 3,000 health professionals in 2019.

Additionally, Ms. MASEBO stated that the Ministry of Health is making strides in lowering the number of instances of malaria and new HIV/AIDS infections.

According to Ms. MASEBO, the ministry has already performed five kidney transplants and plans to complete another eight by the end of the year.

Ms. MASEBO stated that the country has seen a rise in the Covid-19 epidemic, with 39 instances being reported in the previous day.

However, she claimed that the ministry had already received 1,000 treatment regimens of paxlovid pills, which are advised for mild to moderate Covid-19.

Infectious Diseases Director for the Ministry of Health, Lloyd Mulenga, also stated that Covid-19 will be made available in medical facilities.

He claimed that the ministry is developing strategies to make the medication simple to obtain.

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