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13-year-old boy violates 2-year-old girl in Kapiri-Mposhi

A 13-year-old juvenile s-assaulted a two-year-seven-month-old baby, and the two families were unable to come to a resolution. The incident was reported to the police.

After learning that a 13-year-old suspect defiled the baby who was left for him to play with, the family of the victim and juvenile suspect reportedly were unable to come to an understanding.

The young person was afterwards taken into custody and is scheduled to show up in court soon.

According to David Chileshe, the police commissioner for the Central Province, the event happened on Wednesday but was only reported yesterday because the families were unable to reach a settlement.

“A two-year-seven-months old female infant was defiled by a 13 year old juvenile. This occured on Wednesday, January 17, this year around 16:00 hours at Hillside township when the suspect was left inside the house to play with the victim. The mother only discovered  when the victim complained of painful private parts as she was being bathed. The case was only reported on  Saturday January 21, yesterday after the two families failed to reach an agreement. An arrest was made and the suspect will appear in court soon,” he said.

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