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Mansa woman Violated

A 17-year-old woman from Mutende Site and Service was raped by a man who fled with the things to his home in an effort to reclaim her cell phone and headsock.

The culprit, who has only been named Satimo, took the victim’s phone and headsock before going to his house, where he knew the victim.

Gloria Mulele, the commanding officer of the Luapula province, stated that the victim went to the market on Tuesday at around 17:00 to purchase relish and ran into Satimo on the way home.

Satimo allegedly snatched the victim’s phone and headband while following her, according to Ms. Mulele.

She claimed that after running to his residence, he left the items there and when the victim approached the door, he pushed her inside and brought her to the bedroom.

“The victim followed him to his house and found him standing at the door of his house. Satimo told the victim to draw closer so that he could give her things and the moment she got near he grabbed her and pushed her in the house and had carnal knowledge of her. After the act, the suspect gave back the headsoak and a phone to the victim and that was around 20:00 hours,”he said.

She claimed that when the victim approached the door of his residence, he ran inside and left the belongings there before dragging her inside and leading her to the bedroom.

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