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16 Christmas babies were recorded by Kasama.

16 Christmas newborns have been reported in Kasama District.

There are nine boys and seven girls among the Christmas babies, who were delivered at four separate hospitals.

Additionally, Kasama Mayor THERESA KOLALA urged expectant moms to go to medical institutions for a secure delivery.

Speaking after distributing Christmas packages to newborns at four healthcare facilities, Ms. KOLALA stated that the Constituency Development Fund should also be used to outfit other healthcare facilities.

Two medical facilities, according to Kasama District Nursing Officer PAUL BWALYA, have incubators for premature infants.

Eight Christmas babies were born at Kitwe Teaching Hospital in the meantime, six of them girl and two of them male.

All of the newborns are healthy, according to senior medical director KAZUMA SEKE of Kitwe Teaching Hospital.

Two of the eight kids were delivered via cesarean section, according to the nursing supervisor for the Luena unit, GETRUDE SOKOSHI.

One of the infants, who was born at 2.1 kg, was premature, according to the charge nurse sister.

When Kitwe Mayor MPASA MWAYA gave the women and infants hampers, she was still speaking.

Additionally, Ms. MWAYA commended the mothers and urged Kitwe’s citizens to observe Christmas in a Christian manner.

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