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18-year-old dies from snake bite, While 33-year-old man dies in sleep after drinking spree

A Puff Adder snake bit an 18-year-old woman in the Shiwang’andu region of Muchinga Province, and she died as a result. She was harvesting fruit at the time.

A 33-year-old man from the Isoka district in Muchinga province also passed away in his sleep following a binge-drinking event, which is a terrible incident.

Gift Mutale, 18, met her end yesterday, according to Kaunda Mubanga, the police commissioner for Muchinga province.

“Brief facts are that on the material day, Josephat  Katonga, the husband to the deceased,  the deceased herself  and her Grand mother Matipa Motoka left home for the field to cultivate around 06:00 hours. After working at their field, they knocked off at around 10:00 hours and went in to the nearby bush to collect fruits called Sugar plum (Amasuku). As the deceased  was picking up the said fruits, she was bitten by a Puff Adder snake which was killed by her husband,” he said.

The victim, according to Mr. Mubanga, was then urgently taken to Mukwikile Rural Health Center, where she passed away shortly after.

In the meantime, after a binge of alcohol, 33-year-old Stanley Chanda of the Isoka district passed away in his sleep in Chifuna village.

Mr. Mubanga claimed that Mr. Chanda had gone camping at his farm before he passed away so that he and a friend might engage in some horticulture.

“On  Sunday at around 12:00 hours, the duo went to drink spirit beer known as John player within Chifuna village. After getting drunk, the now deceased together with his companion and other two persons were offered to sleep in the house of Peter Siwakwi as they could not walk back to their farm. However, the following at around 08:00 hours when they woke up, they found that Mr Chanda was dead,” he said.

He said further, officers interviewed the family members who later revealed that the deceased person had been suffering from epilepsy.

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