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18-year sentence for indecent assault given to man

The Chipata High Court has sentenced a 40-year-old man from Chief Pembamoyo’s neighborhood in the Vubwi region of the Eastern Province to 18 years in jail with hard labor for indecent assault.

The crimes were performed in November 2020 by the convicted ALBERT PHIRI of Selela village, who gave four students in grade seven certain charms so they could pass their test.

PHIRI tattooed the juveniles’ foreheads after collecting bodily fluids from their private areas.

PHIRI was given a two-year prison sentence for unlawful wounding by the Vubwi subordinate court and was transferred to the High Court for sentencing in the other instances.

For each of the four counts of indecent assault, Lusaka High Court Judge GERTRUDE CHAWATAMA, who was seated in Chipata, sentenced PHIRI to 18 years in prison.

The sentences, according to Judge Chawatama, are consecutive.

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