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22-year-old man found molesting a goat

A 22-year-old guy from the Copperbelt’s Chief Chiwala district was detained after being caught in the act of violating assaulting a goat.

A barber named Dauti Chendela was discovered satisfying his urges on the goat that had gone stolen.

According to Copperbelt commanding officer Peacewell Mweemba, a report of bestiality that happened yesterday at around 8:00 a.m. had been given to Mapalo police.

A peasant farmer named John Kunda made the report, telling authorities that while he and his two sisters-in-law were heading out to work the fields in the morning, he observed the defendant violating a goat.

“Brief facts are that, the reporter and two others were walking along a path, when the reporter heard some strange noise in a nearby shrub, about seven meters away. He paid attention after which he discovered the suspect in a bending position holding a goat. At that point he ordered his sisters in law to remain silent and drew closer and discovered that the person was having carnal knowledge of the goat with his pants half down,” he said.

He claimed that after making an attempt to flee, the culprit was eventually caught thanks to assistance from the public.

During the same time, the owner of the goat also appeared at the scene and positively identified the goat as it went missing. It was reported as missing and the suspect has since been detained in police custody,” he said.


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