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23 people Arrested for unlawful assembly

For unlawful assembly, 23 persons are being held in police custody.

Four of the 23 people arrested and held in police custody, according to police deputy spokesperson Danny Mwale, are women.

He claimed that Kasonde Mwenda, the party head of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), informed law enforcement on March 3 that his organization planned to organize a nonviolent protest on March 10.

Yet according to Mr. Mwale, Mr. Mwenda was contacted by the police and instructed to mark the marchers’ route but did not do so.

“In order not to disturb the peace of other members of the public, the leader was called by Police and advised to indicate the route they were to use (from Civic Center to Boma Court) and total number of the marchers ,but failed to respond to Police request until on March 10, 2023 around 14:00 hours when Police were informed that a group of people had gathered at Civic Center. Officers moved in and apprehended the 23 suspects who are currently in Police custody charged with the offence of Unlawful Assembly,” he said.

Abel Musonda, age 25, Jeff Filamba, age 32, George Mwenyumbi, age 36, Zenus Daka, age 28, Joseph Lungu, age 20, Namo Phiri, age 27, Moses Nyirenda, age 21, Beatrice Pilo, age 47, Bwalya Katongo, age 29, and Coaster Museke, age 24, were among those detained, according to him.

“Others include Bwembya Mubanga aged 39, Bale Suzi aged 41, Ibrahim Kabwe Mwamba aged 34 , Kamau Nathan aged 27 ,Danny Kalenga aged 35 , Gift Nguni aged 28, Gilbert Njovu aged 22, Collins Muyunda aged 32, Thomas Mvula aged 42, Nkole Mubanga aged 49 , Astone Mwanza aged 42  Moses Nyirenda aged 21 and Victor Malauni aged 24,” he said.

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