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25 Groups Access Cdf Funds In Kabompo

The Constituency Development Fund empowerment grants have assisted at least 25 women’s and youth organizations in the Kabompo area of North Western.

AMBROSE LUFUMA, a Kabompo Member of Parliament, claims that the purpose of the CDF empowerment funds is to strengthen the socially vulnerable and reduce poverty.

According to ZANIS, Mr. LUFUMA made this statement in Kabompo during the handover ceremony for 25 women’s and youth cooperatives receiving CDF empowerment funding.

The recipients of the empowerment grants were instructed by Mr. LUFUMA, who is also the Minister of Defense, to spread the word about what the government is providing.

Additionally, beneficiaries should not disclose the monies they have received, according to PRESLEY MAKAYI, chairwoman of the Kabompo Town Council, who was speaking at the same event. MAKAYI claimed that doing so would undermine their initial intentions and business ideas.

GRACE MUKOKILI, the head of the CDF committee, stated that the committee has been on the ground to monitor and ensure that the program is operating effectively.

And in a vote of appreciation, VIEMBA MALITI, the chairwoman of the Tonenu Women’s Club, thanked the government for strengthening cooperatives and made a case for the program’s continuation so that more vulnerable people may benefit.

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