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3,000 BAGS of cheaper mealie-meal Offloaded by ZNS onto Copperbelt

ZNS, the national service of Zambia, has begun selling cheaper mealie meal on the market, according to Copperbelt Provincial Minister ELISHA MATAMBO.

This is done to solve the province’s artificial shortage of the good caused by widespread smuggling.

In Kitwe, Kalulushi, and Chingola, where there are concerns of a lack of mealie meal, Mr. MATAMBO stated in Ndola that the Zambia National Service has offloaded more than 3,000 bags of 25 kg mealie meal.

He told the populace that efforts are being made by the administration to ensure that mealie meal is always available in the province.

The provincial minister continued by saying that ZNS would keep distributing the market’s low-cost mealie meal to all the impacted districts.

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