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Hologram Printer Acquired By Zambian Firm

ZAMBIA has invested in a holographic printing factory that can identify fake credentials, documents, and certificates across a range of industries.

Under the direction of state-owned printing company Shorthorn Printers Limited, the facility was opened in LUSAKA last night.

The hologram printing facility will aid in sustained economic growth, according to Commerce Minister CHIPOKA MULENGA, as it has the ability to identify fake credentials, certificates, and documents.

This was said by Mr. MULENGA in a speech that Mines & Mineral Development Minister PAUL KABUSWE read on his behalf.

The facility will reduce document fraud, according to Shorthorn Printers Ltd Acting Chief Executive Officer NGOZA BANDA.

FRED MWALE, Director of Registration and Standard for the Teaching Council of Zambia, expressed hope that the hologram printing capability will stop instructors from forging their credentials.

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