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National Budget Consultations for 2024 Start

For the 2024 National Budget, government talks have already begun.

The medium term expenditure framework for 2024 to 2026 is also out for consultation.

FELIX NKULUKUSA, the secretary to the Treasury, told ZNBC news in Lusaka about the situation.

According to Mr. NKULUKUSA, the two are crucial tools for influencing economic policy and other development priorities through a collaborative process.

Stakeholders will be able to submit recommendations for taxes, non-taxes, and expenditures for review and potential inclusion in the 2024 National Budget and 2024–2026 Medium Term Spending Plan, according to Mr. NKULUKUSA.

The Treasury Secretary is sure that the procedure will give citizens and other stakeholders a lot of opportunity to weigh in on the creation of the two documents.

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