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NGOCC Wants Quick Debt Settlement

The Non Governmental Gender Organizations Coordination Council (NGOCC) anticipates that the country’s debt problems, which continue to limit government spending on social sectors, will be quickly resolved.

The NGOCC Board Chair, GRACE SINKAMBA, made this statement at a press conference in Lusaka today.

Also, Ms. SINKAMBA urged the administration to achieve more corruption convictions.

She claimed that while intentions are necessary, the public wants to see convictions in the fight against corruption.

Also, Ms. SINKAMBA has encouraged the government to step up efforts to combat gender-based violence.

Ms. SINKAMBA continued by stating that society must come together to stop the country’s rising GBV instances.

She claimed that because Zambia is a Christian country, its people should strive to live according to Christian principles.

She continued by saying that the Easter season gives people a chance to reflect and make a new covenant with the Lord.

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