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$350m Allocated by Global Fund For Aids,Tb,Malaria Fight

For the next three years, Zambia’s fight against AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria will receive around 350 million dollars from the Global Fund.

According to JOSHUA BANDA, chair of the Zambian National Coordination Mechanism, the monies are anticipated to be used to keep minimizing and enhancing HIV, TB, and malaria programs.

In comparison to the 315 million dollars the fund allocated to Zambia during the current implementation phase, which began in 2021, Bishop BANDA claims that the amount for the following cycle represents an increase of 34 million dollars.

This was stated by Bishop BANDA at a press conference held in Lusaka today.

Moreover, SYLVIA MASEBO, Zambia’s minister of health, praised Global Fund for its ongoing support of the country’s healthcare system.

According to Ms. MASEBO, the nation has made strides in lowering the number of new HIV infections as well as cases of TB and malaria.

MWAKA MUKUBESA, the Ministry of Finance’s Acting Permanent Secretary, stated at the same occasion that the ministry has continued to prioritize human capital at the forefront of the development agenda.

Professor Lloyd Mulenga, the acting director general of the National Aids Council, added that the nation needs resources to help it combat the HIV pandemic.

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