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4 District Declarations Of Cholera Freedom

Four of the eight affected areas in the nation have been proclaimed to be free of the cholera outbreak by the government.

SYLVIA MASEBO, the health minister, announced the news at a press conference in Lusaka.

The districts include Vubwi, Chipangali, Mwansabombwe, and Lusangazi, according to Ms. MASEBO.

According to her, the statement was made after a 15-day period during which no new cases were recorded in the four areas.

The Health Minister also stated that the government would continue to increase surveillance in regions where there are still ongoing Cholera infections.
The remaining districts are Chipata, Mpulungu, Nsama, and Nchelenge, according to her.

She claimed that the same family has two fresh cases that Mpulungu had documented.
The Minister also revealed that Zambia registered 319 cases and eight fatalities during the outbreak.

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