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41 Frozen Accounts’ Names, 72 Cars To Be Released After Probe

The names of those connected to the 72 motor vehicles and the 41 frozen bank accounts discovered on a private property, according to Vice President Mutete Nalumango, would only be made public after investigations are complete.

When asked when a list of the names of those involved in the two cases will be made public, Moomba Member of Parliament FRED CHATILA asked for a response, to which she responded.

And Ms. NALUMANGO made it clear that because the funds are intended only for use on the road, the National Pension Scheme Authority (NPSA) will not send money to China to finance the Lusaka-Ndola dual carriageway.

In response to BINWELL MPUNDU, a Nkana Member of Parliament, who questioned why the government couldn’t consider using NAPSA and the Workers Compensation Fund Control Board to fully finance the road’s construction in order to prevent letting foreign firms collect toll fees, Mrs. NALUMANGO stated this.

She stated that NAPSA is only funding a portion of the project and wished they had the capacity, but that a model has been chosen and that changing it will simply cause the project to fall through.

The nation has been reassured by the vice president that the Auditor General’s Office will issue a trustworthy audit report in the meantime.

The office of the Auditor General, according to Ms. NALUMANGO, uses a system and does not rely on any one person to produce its reports.

She asserts that changes at the Office of the Auditor General do not preclude the publication of the Auditor General’s report or the possibility of a challenge to its veracity.

In answer to opposition leader BRIAN MUNDUBILE, Mrs. NALUMANGO made this statement during the Vice President’s question period in parliament.

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