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42 year old man ordered to pay for impregnanting 24 year old

A 42-year-old man was ordered by THE Kabushi municipal court to pay K4,500 for damages and impregnating a 24-year-old lady after nearly three years of relationship.

Mable Chitalu, 48, filed a lawsuit against Davies Chilongaloka for deflowering and impregnating her daughter.

In court, Mr. Chilongaloka acknowledged guilt for the pregnancy, stating that he began dating Greeness Chongo in 2019.

He claimed that Ms. Chitalu, who was dating her daughter, used to let the pair be intimate in her home, which is when she got pregnant.

Chilongaloka testified to the court that he began financially supporting Chongo before she gave birth.

He claimed that a few days following the delivery, Chongo’s family summoned him to a meeting and demanded K10,000 in payment.

According to Mr. Chilongaloka, he informed the family that he would only be able to make a K6,000 payment since he was paying off a loan.

Although he asked for some time to search for the money, Chongo’s relatives kept phoning and pleading for it.

And Ms. Chitalu said that she learned her daughter was pregnant in 2020, and Mr. Chilongaloka acknowledged that he was to blame for the pregnancy.

“During the family, Mr Chilongaloka agreed to pay K6,000 but only paid  K600 has been paid as part payment,” she said.

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