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50 lawmakers intend to protest the meeting for democracy

ABOUT FIFTY Members of Parliament reportedly want to demonstrate against the Democratic gathering that American Vice President Kamala Harris will attend next week.

The members of parliament believe that the Americans are using this gathering to advance Gay rights in the nation.

The opposition leader Brian Mundubile brought up the issue in parliament on Friday as one of vital public significance.

“My matter of urgent public importance madam speaker requires immediate attention of the house and Government. 50 Members of Parliament called me for a meeting that they are going to prepare a protest on the summit of democracy which they suspect is a plan by the America s to promote LGBTQ,” he said.

First Deputy Speaker Malungo Chisangano ruled that the issue should be handled differently and not as an urgent matter of public significance.

However, a commotion sprang up in the house when some of the members began to argue with one another, and they were expelled.

Ms. Chisangano dispatched two lawmakers, Michelo Kasatu of Bwengwa and Mulenga Fube of Chilubi, who got into a heated argument in the house about the matter.

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