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53 charges brought against two chalala kidnappers and rapists in court

The two suspects accused of kidnapping 13 young women made their court appearance yesterday facing more than 50 accusations after being detained in October of this year.

James Mulenga and Mathews Sikaonga were detained by police on October 3 and accused with aggravated robbery, kidnapping, rape, and violence.

The two are thought to be responsible for the kidnapping of female student nurses at a certain Chilanga college and mobile money agents.

The 13 young women were eventually located on October 3 of this year in Chalala, Lusaka, but the criminals fled.

The next day, prompt police action resulted in the capture of the accused in Nkeyema, Western Province.

Mulenga and Sikaonga, both 22 years old, were in court yesterday to answer 53 counts of rape, assault, proscription of human trafficking, and aggravated robbery involving more than K100,000.

A total of 53 offenses were committed between January and October of this year, of which 26 relate to serious assault and other crimes, 13 to crimes against human trafficking, 12 to rape, and one to kidnapping.

The unemployed suspects are accused of stealing a variety of items, primarily cellphones and thousands of kwacha, from their female victims during the aggravated robberies.

Because it is alleged that the two purposefully and illegally trafficked their 13 female victims inside Zambia for the purpose of sexual exploitation under the prohibition of trafficking in persons charge.

The accused, who seemed composed, was given a reading of the 53 accusations by Magistrate Kasanda.

Defense attorneys Osbourne Ngoma and Maggy Mulenga are defending the suspects.

The magistrate then let the defendants know that the High Court is not the only venue for certain of the crimes they are charged with.

Senior State attorney Bob Mwewa said that the Director of Public Prosecutions had not yet given the prosecution orders to have the accused brought before the High Court for trial.

To be discussed and maybe committed to the High Court, the matter was postponed until December 12 of this year.

Because certain of the charges against the defendant are not subject to bail, they are unable to return home.

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