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7 more bodies retrieved from Lake Mweru

Following a watercraft disaster that occurred on Tuesday morning, SEVEN MORE corpses have been pulled from Lake Mweru.

A total of 15 deceased bodies have been found, with 11 of the seven newly recovered bodies being of Congolese ethnicity and four being Zambian.

Danny Mwale, a police deputy spokesperson who confirmed the tragic tragedy, claimed seven additional remains had been found in the watercraft accident that involved 32 persons.

He stated that five dead were found early this morning, bringing the total number of bodies found so far to 15, and that two bodies were found yesterday about 18:00.

“They have been formally identified as follows; Mwewa Nshimbi John, a Coxswain aged 45 (Zambian), Mwebo Christian aged six months (Congolese),Mbayo Kamwanya aged 24(Congolese), Martin Ilunga aged 10 months (Congolese), Mwape Mwilambwe aged 43 (Congolese), Emelda Mpanga aged 4 (Zambian)

Mwale Gift aged(Zambian), Chansa Bridget, aged 23(Congolese).”

“Nkuluu Muzinga aged 60 (Congolese) Nkuluu Maja aged 65(Congolese) Kasongo Mary aged 23(Congolese), Kalobwa Mulungwa aged 47 (Congolese), Chipata Zizita aged 25 (Congolese), Kunga Dige Kasolwa aged 21 (Congolese) and Kasongo Evaristo aged 31 (Zambian),” he said.

He claimed that the bodies had been placed in the mortuary of St. Paul’s Mission Hospital where they were awaiting an autopsy and burial.

The bodies were collected, Mr. Mwale continued, through a coordinated rescue effort headed by the Zambia Army Special Forces.

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