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76-year-old woman perishes while searching for trash

A dumper truck bucket struck a 76-year-old woman in Lusaka’s S.O.S. neighborhood as she was foraging for trash, and she was killed.

In the Chingwere dump site, where the garbage truck was unloading, Tikulileni Tembo was regrettably there alongside other “waste collectors.”

She was struck while attempting to scavenge for trash as the truck was unloading, suffered fatal injuries, and was pronounced dead when she arrived at Matero Level-1 hospital.

The terrible occurrence was confirmed by police deputy spokesperson Danny Mwale yesterday at around 16:00 hours.

“The deceased was among other ‘garbage collectors’ who rushed to the truck while the Dumper truck driver was in the process of dumping garbage when In the process, the bucket hit her resulting in her sustaining fatal injuries,” he said.

Mr Mwale said the truck driver, identified as Yotam Banda aged 23 of Garden Park reported the incident to Police and an inquiry file has been opened into the matter.

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