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8 convictions are secured by ACC in 2022

Out of 71 arrests made nationwide this year, the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) has only been able to get 8 convictions.

According to Timothy Moono, Head of Corporate Communications at the ACC, 29 arrests in high-profile cases were made in the third quarter.

Mr. MOONO continues, “There are currently 19 cases before the courts, of which 3 are awaiting verdict, 8 have been appealed, and 4 have resulted in convictions.”

He claimed that after investigations are complete, the commission makes arrests with the Director of the Public Prosecutor’s approval.

The commission has expressed interest in a number of the issues mentioned in the Auditor General’s report for the year 2021, Mr. MOONO said in the meanwhile.

Additionally, he mentioned that the commission was also interested in buying the Presidential Gulf Stream.

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