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Government aims to distribute 6,000 desks each month

To ensure that no child sits on the floor by the end of 2023, education minister DOUGLAS SYAKALIMA said 6,000 desks would be given to schools each month.

According to Mr. SYAKALIMA, the administration aims to make sure that every child has a learning environment that is supportive of high-quality instruction and learning.

And according to Mr. SYAKALIMA, the government will keep collaborating with neighborhood schools to provide students with high-quality education.

He was addressing during the annual general meeting of the Zambia Open Community Schools, or ZOCS, which celebrated the organization’s 30th anniversary.

In the meantime, CLEOPATRA MUMA, the executive director of ZOCS, made a plea for community schools to receive funding for ICT equipment.

In addition, TWAAMBO MUTINTA, the chair of the parliamentary committee on education, science, and technology, praised ZOCS for its dedication to ensuring that orphans and vulnerable children had access to quality education over the past 30 years.

ZOCS Board of Governors Chairperson VICTOR KOYI expressed his satisfaction with the government’s education program and the placement of qualified instructors in community schools during the same ceremony.

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