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8 previously released Croatians Rearrested on unspecified allegations

The eight Croatians who were allegedly involved in a child trafficking attempt were re-arrested by the Department of Immigration only a day after they managed to escape on foot.

The Croats’ case was dismissed on Monday, but the National Prosecution Authority instructed Immigration to arrest them, so their freedom was short-lived (NPA).

Namati Nshinka, a public relations representative for the Department of Immigration, confirmed that the eight were detained once more on Tuesday.

“I can confirm the eight Croatians have been re-arrested. We received instructions from the NPA to re-arrest,” Nshinka said.

The eight, who are couples, have not yet received any new accusations.

The Croatians were first detained at the Ndola airport last year after it was thought that they were attempting to smuggle four children out of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

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