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90% of inputs are for the northern province

Farmers in the Northern province have gathered more than 90% of the inputs for the 2022-2023 FISP.

SYLVESTER NYENDWA, the provincial agriculture coordinator, told ZNBC news that while 7 percent of the urea needs to be collected, 99 percent of the D-compound fertilizer has already been gathered.

Additionally, all of the corn seed has been collected, according to Mr. Nyendwa, and farmers have already begun planting.

In accordance with the FISP, the Northern Province received more over 29,000 metric tonnes of both D-Compound and Urea fertilizer for this growing season, he has explained.

Mr. Nyendwa has meantime urged farmers who haven’t yet made their 400 Kwacha contribution for the FISP to do so before next week, when the payment window will close.

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