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“Abductors” brought before the High Court to be tried

The High Court has taken custody of the two juveniles accused of kidnapping 13 young women in preparation for their trial, which is set to begin early next year.

Mulenga and Sikaonga, both 22 years old, were charged with 53 counts of rape, assault, prohibited human trafficking, and aggravated robbery involving more than K100,000. They both appeared before magistrate Trevor Kasanda.

There were 53 counts totaled between January and October of this year, of which 26 are aggravated and assault charges, 13 are trafficking in persons offenses that are prohibited, 12 are rape offenses, and one is an abduction offense.

The accused is accused of stealing a variety of items, notably cellphones and thousands of kwacha, from their female victims during the aggravated robberies.

They are also accused of violating laws against trafficking in persons, according to allegations that the two knowingly and illegally brought 13 female victims into Zambia for the purpose of exploitation.


State attorney Bob Mwewa informed the court this morning when the case was called that the state had received a letter of agreement to transfer the accused to the High Court for trial.


Because a magistrate lacks the authority to try certain of the charges against the accused, they had to be committed to the High Court.

Following the Director of Public Prosecutions’ decision to grant a consent for their trial, magistrate Kasanda at this time committed the defendants to the High Court for their trial.

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