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ACC cautions civil officials against engaging in corruption

ACC cautions civil officials against engaging in corruption as they risk being arrested

Anti-Corruption Commission Head of Corporate Communication Timothy Moono issued a warning: “THE EYES OF THE COMMISSION ARE WATCHING & MORE ALERTED ON WHAT IS HAPPENING & READY TO pounce ON PERPETRATORS OF CORRUPTION PRACTICES.”

Mr. Moono has issued a warning to civil officials who are hell-bent on conspiring and accepting bribes to stop engaging in corrupt behavior because the Commission will not hesitate to detain and prosecute anyone found guilty.

Mr. Moono reaffirmed that the commission is committed to ending corruption and will use all legal means at its disposal to investigate any suspected instances of corruption.

In an attempt to ensure the war against corruption is successful, he claimed during the third quarterly media conference held in Lusaka that the commission has since touched more than 151,433 people nationwide.

“As you are aware the Commission has a Memorandum of Understanding with the Office of the Auditor General which facilitates information sharing and in this regard, the Commission will be sitting on various procurement and recruitment committees to ensure integrity of processes and procedure by making sure that the correct procedures are followed and only deserving entities are engaged ,” he said.

According to him, the Commission received 181 reports of suspected corruption in the third quarter, and 180 of those reports had their investigations approved.

According to Mr. Moono, there were 1,264 total cases under investigation as of November 30th of this year, 108 investigation cases had been resolved, and 29 arrests had been made across the nation.

He claimed that among those detained were some well-known people whose cases were currently being heard in court.

Mr. Moono also reaffirmed the fight against road corruption and said it was preferable for citizens to pay a fine than to bribe law enforcement.

“I, therefore, wish to encourage members of the public to continue reporting any suspected cases of corruption without hesitance. In order that the public report suspected cases of corruption with adequate information, the Commission will continue to carry out public sensitization activities across the country and make reporting of corruption easy,” he said

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