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ACC closes the case on the “filer,”

ACC closes the case on the "filer," who secured a loan in the amount of K594,277 to buy the car.

Director of the Ministry of Information and Media Thabo Kawana’s source of cash utilized to buy a brand-new car has been cleared by THE Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).

According to investigations, Mr. Kawana acquired a loan from the Public Service Micro Finance Company on November 15, 2022, in the sum of K594,277 to help with the purchase of a car from Southern Cross Motor Ltd., according to ACC Head of Corporate Communication Timothy Moono.

He said that Southern Cross Motor Ltd. received the payments directly.

“Following media queries on whether the Commission took interest on establishing the source of funds used by Mr Thabo Kawana, Director and Spokesperson at the Ministry of Information and Media, in a matter in which he purchased a motor vehicle as a gift to his wife, I wish to inform you that the Commission instituted investigations into this matter,” Mr Moono said.

Investigations, according to him, further demonstrate that there was no wrongdoing in the process of acquiring the vehicle because the money source was examined and confirmed to be legitimate.

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