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ACC Examines Mbala’s Abandoned Hospital Project

Investigations into an abandoned hospital project on the Mbala Road in Northern Province have been started by the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC).

Huge sums of money, according to ACC Director General TOM SHAMAKAMBA, were paid by the government to the contractor, who abandoned the project with little to show for the money that was paid.

According to Mr. SHAMAKAMBA, the ACC won’t tolerate such high levels of corruption because they deny citizens access to the essential services provided by such initiatives.

The majority of the cases involving well-known individuals accused of corruption, according to the ACC Director General, will start moving forward in court by the end of February.

According to Mr. SHAMAKAMBA, the Agency is aware of the public’s concern over the numerous arrests that have been made yet no court appearances have been made.

He was addressing this morning in Ndola at a media workshop for journalists working in the Copperbelt.

Additionally, MOOYA HIMWEELA, the provincial information officer for ZANIS Copperbelt, urged the media to play a leading role in exposing corruption-related concerns.

According to Mr. HIMWEELA, the media must carry out its duties fearlessly and contribute to the prosecution of offenders.

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