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“Addressing the High Cost of Jet A1 Fuel

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) claims that in order to reduce the high cost of operating in the airline industry, it is necessary to address the high cost of JET A-1 fuel.

If the issue is not resolved, according to CAA Board Chair PATRICK NKHOMA, airline profit margins would decline and operations won’t be able to continue.

Dr. NKHOMA observes that a lot of African nations are also struggling with the high cost of JET A-1 fuel, which is not just a phenomena in Zambia.

He claims that in order to fully address this issue, the authority has been in contact with the Ministry of Transport and Logistics, the aviation sector, the Tourist Council, and the Electricity Regulatory Board.

Sepiso Zimba, public relations manager for CAA, said this in a statement released today in Lusaka.

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