Fashion Sakala jnr mwaiche wandi, close your ears otherwise fans will frustrate you either home or abroad. I for one was insulted mwaiche wandi with big and heavy insults, called names that if I had paid attention I would have stopped playing the game. But I took my frustrations in training and trained harder not to prove them wrong but to just play a beautiful game I loved. As a player you need to have a big heart, because such are situations of the game. Continue playing the game the best way you know how mwaiche wandi and die for the badge chapwafye mbuya. Teya chabe and vala matu mbuya. The world is yours for the taking. Remember fans always want a win and never a lose and they barely understand what you go through and you can’t explain yourself lyonse. For me I say, teyafye kwasila mbuya. Much love and respect for you FSJ⚽🇿🇲🫡

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