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After being violated by teenager in Nchelenge, Six-year-old girl stays mute

A SIX-year-old Nchelenge girl was defiled by an 18-year-old adolescent who followed her to the bathroom and had violated  her.

The victim made the decision not to tell anyone what had happened when she returned home.

When she was discovered in the bathroom bleeding from her privates the following day, the victim did not tell her parents what had happened.

The incident happened at around 18:00, according to Gloria Mulele, the commanding officer of Luapula Province, and the suspect is in police custody.

“As the victim was going to the toilet which is behind their house around 18:00 hours, the suspect walked out of an unfinished house behind the toilet and followed the victim in the toilet. He covered her mouth and pulled her to the unfinished house where he defiled her and when the victim went back home she did not tell anyone. The victim went to the toilet this morning and took a long time to return and her aunt sent the victim’s cousin to follow her,”she said.

Ms Mulele said the victim was found bleeding with some blood clots on her private parts.

She said a few minutes later the juvenile revealed that she was defiled.

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