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Social Media likens AKA’s case to that of Senzo Meyiwa

This week, the finger-pointing in the Kiernan “AKA” Forbes assassination case has again garnered a lot of traction on social media. This was again prompted by the recent interview which was conducted by AKA’s long-time personal security when he was in KwaZulu-Natal Anwar “Dogg” Khan.

Particularly, after Dogg conducted his interview with e.TV, and alleged that AKA’s visit to the Wish restaurant where he was gunned down was the result of the resurgence is the public suspecting AKA’s team as he suggested that his visit to the restaurant was a breach of security given the contentious relationship he had with the province.


However, in light of Dogg’s interview, AKA’s family and girlfriend Nadia Nakai seemed to rubbish the suggestions that AKA’s road manager and brother to rapper K.O was implicated, or his entire team for that matter. This differing stance from inside AKA’s camp has resulted in his cases facing comparisons with yet another prolific murder case that remains unsolved.

It is fast approaching a decade since prolific soccer player and Bafana Bafana captain Senzo Meyiwe was murdered under suspicious circumstances at the family residence of his girlfriend at the time, musician Kelly Khumalo. Despite the fact that there were allegedly five other people in the house at the time of his murder, the case has not been solved.

Senzo Meyiwa

Hence in the eight years and counting since the murder, there have been numerous conspiracy theories which have pointed at Kelly Khumalo, Longwe Twala and almost everyone in the house has been implicated. However, still there has not been any luck in finding out who was the killer and what exactly happened in that house that led to Meyiwe’s untimely passing.

Given this fact, the public has started to believe that the same is set to happen in the AKA case. Firstly, given the fact that there was CCTV footage of the last living moments of AKA which kind of shows the killers. Moreover, other social media users have highlighted that there were fingerprints that the SAPS could have lifted to find the killers. However, given that there have been no arrests, it seems that there were no fingerprints taken.

Additionally, given that AKA’s family and friends have spoken against the public attempting to include AKA’s team that was with him at the time of his passing as suspects in his assassination. The public has come out to also compare how in the Senzo Meyiwe case, Kelly Khumalo was all but crucified at the cross. This was despite there being any evidence that she had a hand in his murder.

Therefore, the question has remained as to why in this case, the public is warned from making the same accusations as they did with the Senzo case. More so as the intent is not to vilify AKA’s team. But it is supposed to drive the SAPS to work harder in solving the case as soon as possible rather than have the matter drag as long as Senzo’s had in the public eye.


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TK Nciza pays lobola

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