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Strategic Plan Is Developed By The National Assembly

The 2022–2026 National Assembly strategic plan has been introduced by Speaker of the National Assembly NELLY MUTTI.

According to Ms. MUTTI, the strategic plan has divided up capacity-building initiatives for Members of Parliament, staff members, and those working out of constituency offices.

According to her, the National Assembly is obligated by law to guarantee that citizens participate in the legislative processes.

The strategic plan would encourage citizen engagement to achieve an inclusive democratic form of governance, Ms. MUTTI remarked during the strategic plan’s introduction.

The monitoring and evaluation framework and the implementation plan, according to her, were both developed at the same time as the document.

The plan will offer the organization policy direction, according to National Assembly Acting Deputy Clerk for Corporate Affairs STEPHEN KAWIMBE.

The strategic plan, according to Mr. KAWIMBE, intends to strengthen institutional mandate and make it simpler for individuals to understand how they can contribute to good governance.

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