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Upnd Alliance Questions Interim Head Of State Lungu’s Status

Former President EDGAR LUNGU has been urged by UPND Alliance Chairperson CHARLES MILUPI to make it clear whether he wants to participate actively in politics or accept his position as a former Head of State.

This, according to Mr. MILUPI, is because Mr. LUNGU typically makes political statements and engages in political activities.

According to him, there are requirements for a retired president, so if he engages in political activity, the government will have to revoke the advantages and respect that come with his position as a former Head of State.

At a joint press conference with information minister CHUSHI KASANDA conducted at the Ministry of Information, Mr. MILUPI made this statement.

He asserted that no one would prevent Mr. LUNGU from assuming the role of opposition rival in the political arena if he still wished to engage in politics.

He claimed that by refusing to seek revenge for the past tremor that the UPND party and its Alliance allies endured when in opposition, President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA has demonstrated that he is a good leader.

According to Mr. MILUPI, the UPND is committed to preserving the rule of law in order to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

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