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AKA’s tombstone missing from gravesite

Kiernan “AKA” Forbes’s tombstone has been removed days after his burial. The rapper was shot and killed in Durban; he got honored with a befitting burial last week Saturday.

However, a video revealing the absence of the tombstone has surfaced on social media with rumors that it’s been stolen. Josh Kenp, the Operations Manager at Authentic Stones, reported that the musician’s tombstone was not stolen.

“The family is very much aware that the tombstone was removed after the burial,” he said

“The tombstone was only at the funeral on Saturday for unveiling purposes, hence it was removed afterwards.”

He explained that the tombstone needed to be removed in other to solidify the surface.


“Once the burial is over, we still need to lay a concrete foundation then we install the tombstone on top of the concrete foundation, otherwise if we installed the tombstone on Saturday, the tombstone would have sunk,” said Kenp.

“At the Westpark Cemetery where AKA has been laid to rest, you can’t do the installation directly after the funeral and you are not allowed to do installations on Saturdays, so we have to install it during the week where we will lay concrete foundation as the burial is already done.”


“But because the cemetery gave us special permission to install the tombstone of the late legend immediately, this is why we will install it back again either this week or next week,” said Kenp.

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On the 10th of February, Kiernan was shot and killed in Durban.Learn More

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