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Tipcee addresses rumours she’s broke

South African singer Tipcee has responded to rumours of being down and out telling a local publication that the rumours are false. Following a report from ZiMoja, Tipcee started trending with sources alleging that she is broke after leaving Tira’s Afrotainment. The dancer said they are nothing but false rumours and that she is still signed to Tira’s label.

Speaking to the online publication, Tipcee said, “No it’s not true, and I’m dropping a single soon, and then an EP. The rumours have been trending since yesterday. There was this one friend of mine who was stirring up trouble.”

In addition to blaming her friend, Tipcee said she is still living in her home and Afrotainment is even advertising her music.

Tipcee and DJ Tira

“I’ve been with Afrotainment for five years, even on Instagram the new song is there. I’m all right, I’m alive. I’m at Westville in my home. Everything was fine until this thing yesterday,” she said.

The friend told Zimoja Lezinto that Tipcee does not even have R2000, “Tipcee left because she wasn’t feeling appreciated, and she wanted to teach them a lesson. She felt she was invisible, and she could do it on her own, forgetting that the music industry is not easy,” her friend alleged. “It’s very difficult to get bookings and worse if you are not in Tira’s corner.”

“She is now learning how much admin goes into building an artist and how much costs are involved. Yes, she might be seeing all the money from bookings, but the bookings are few and far between,” the source added.

“People are starting to talk about her borrowing money from friends and family. She doesn’t have a cent, she is borrowing R2000 from people. I am worried because when she was good, she took care of people and gave them money but now that it is her turn, people are quick to gossip about how she is borrowing money. She is a mom after all and needs to keep her dignity intact.”


Tipcee spoke highly of Tira in a previous interview with a local publication saying he gave her a chance when it was hard getting into the industry.

“At first it was hard‚ I mean all of sudden there were a lot of people interested in my work. People who loved me and some who didn’t. Then there was the media but Tira trained me well. I am here to stay. As a brand‚ I know who I am and I know what to share and what not to share.”

“I’ve known Tira for a while‚ he’s always kind of been a guide in my life. I met him a long time ago while I was a promo girl for an alcohol brand. Around 2009‚ he knew I had an interest in music. Fast forward to a couple of years ago‚ I began doing vocals for Big Nuz and even some of his songs then he saw potential in me,” Tipcee said.


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