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ALIBUZWI: Army Won’t Lower Training Standards

According to the Zambia Army Command, it would not compromise on new recruits’ training standards.

By adhering to training protocols, according to Army Commander SITALI ALIBUZWI, the Army has maintained high standards and ethics.

According to Lieutenant General ALIBUZWI, recruits are frequently prepared for all aspects of service, including the physical, mental, and emotional demands.

According to him, this provides the recruits with the fundamental tools needed to carry out the tasks that will be allocated to them throughout their time serving in the Zambian Army.

While touring the Army Battle Training Area in Lukanga Pool, General ALIBUZWI was speaking.

However, the Army Commander gave the Commanding Officer of the Recruit Training Centre instructions to rapidly inform everybody in the area engaged in farming activities or charcoal burning to leave before the start of military training.

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