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University of Uganda prohibits cameras at graduation

According to a statement, one of Africa’s most esteemed colleges has prohibited people attending its graduation ceremony from carrying phones, cameras, and video cameras.

A five-day graduation ceremony will begin on Monday at Makerere University in Uganda’s Freedom Square. Throughout the week, several graduation dates have been issued to faculties.

The graduation square has a photography restriction in place, but no explanation has been given for it. Alcohol, cigarettes, tinned food, and bottled beverages are all not allowed at the event.

“A detailed list of prohibited items has been inserted in the graduation invitation package that is presented to the graduands and invited guests,” the head of ceremonies committee, Prof Patrick Mangeni, said.

There will be 13,221 graduates, and each one is only permitted to invite two guests.

In addition to serving as the minister of basic education, First Lady Janet Museveni is anticipated to attend the ceremony on Monday.

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