How to spoil your man on Valentine’s Day

As a lady in love, you may want to show your man how much you care. Here are some ideas:

1. Learn his love language

The 5 languages have been described as the five ways in which people predominantly give and receive love. These are words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time, gifts and physical touch.

“You may be showering your partner with expensive gifts, but if what they really want is to have a sit-down dinner with you, away from all distractions, chances are the gift will be quickly forgotten,” Ask Men, a men’s lifestyle website reports in its piece, how to spoil your partner based on their love language.

2. Romantic evening

It could be making him his favourite home-cooked meal as soon as he’s back from his daily work, or taking him out to his favourite restaurant.

Setting up a lovey-dovey evening is as easy as making it a date night, Marriage, a website for committed couples notes.

“Candlelight dinner, sweet music, and looking at the stars –romance may be one of the most beautiful things that a relationship can give us,” the site reports.

Nowadays, there are plenty of date-night restaurants recommended on social media apps. Just make sure it’s within your budget, that the menu will be to his liking and that the mood will be just right.

3. Get him a gift that he will love

His love language may not be lavish gifts, but in this one, it’s the thought that counts.

Your pocket probably does not run as deep as Cardi B’s; a successful American rapper who gifted her beau a 2 million dollar cheque on his 30th birthday last year- but you can pick something out that will remind him how much you care.

“Maybe you know he wants a cool smart tech gadget, a home upgrade, a new luxury staple, an extraordinary whiskey, or even a trendy subscription box-you get the picture,” Esquire Magazine reports in its list that narrows down gifts for him.

4. Give him a massage

Nothing sets the mood right like a good massage in a peaceful; tranquil room.

If he enjoys physical touch, get him to forget about all his worries by setting up a spa day for him at home.

With the lights low, music, warm water and scented oils ease any tension he has away by giving him a back rub, a full body massage or a foot scrub and massage.

“Start off by giving your man a very simple massage. Gently caress and stroke his neck because that is the area that holds the most tension, especially after a long, tiring day. You can apply baby oil, coconut or olive oil; anything that works best for you both,” Times of India reports on tips for giving your man the best massage.

It adds that a massage is a great way to take things to a steamy level, especially if you do it dressed in lingerie.

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