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Evelyn Hone College Denies Claims Made On Social Media

The social media rumors claiming that all graduating media students who took the TEVETA Examination last year failed have been disputed by the Evelyn Hone College.

The final TEVETA Examinations for graduating students have not yet been written, according to Catherine Maipamba, manager of corporate affairs at the college.

However, Ms. MAIPAMBE claims that the social media rumor should be taken with a grain of salt.

She told ZNBC News that the college has not yet received any TEVETA results, including those for the second-year media students.

The final-year media students will only take their exams this year in April, according to Mrs. MAIPAMBE.

She claims that the college is still awaiting the results for the second-year students who took the exam last year from TEVETA.

Her remarks follow a rumor that is making the rounds on social media that all Evelyn Hone College graduating media students failed the TEVETA Examination.

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