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All Learners Are Entitled To Free Education, says Muleabai

According to Livingstone Mayor CONSTANCE MULEABAI, the government is dedicated to expanding educational opportunities for all kids.

According to Ms. MULEABAI, the government offers free education to all students so that anyone who is interested in attending school can do so.

She made this statement at the ceremonial dedication of a one by three classroom block provided by a Zambezi Sunrise Trustee and JACK JONES from the United States to Linda Community School in Livingstone.

Additionally, the district has made great strides in ensuring that all students sit at desks by the conclusion of the school year, according to Livingstone District Education Board Secretary CHARLES MIYOBA.

JOANNA GILLETTE, a trustee for the Zambezi Sunrise Trust, has thanked JACK JONES and other volunteers for helping to pay for the building of the classroom facility.

The addition of more classrooms, according to CATHERINE CHILAMBE, principal of Linda Community School, is making the free education program more feasible.

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